Saturday, May 23, 2015

What Makes Mommy Happy

Taking the kids to the pool. They got along so well this afternoon and enjoyed swimming together and sitting in the sun and having a snack after. It was such a peace afternoon. It makes me really excited for summer and spending lots of time at the pool and the beach! Happy kids make for a happy mommy.

 Getting a morning run in on Goleta beach alone was also something that made me very happy this week. I had the place almost entirely to myself! It was perfect weather and I enjoyed some old school Bon Jovi while I ran, it was great!

Like I said all to myself.

happy feet

The next day I walked out to the bluffs to see if the oil spill had made it's way down to Goleta but it seems it has not. Phew.

And a spontaneous brunch with the girl who makes me feel lucky to be a mom everyday! Everyone knows I do not love the baby stage. I found it very difficult with both my children. But 3 is a very magical age! I love they way her mind works, how sweet her little voice is and how joyful and kind her heart is.

It's a terrible shot but watching Connor sing at Hollister Elementary School's Family Festival also made me a very very happy Mommy! 

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