Sunday, June 14, 2009

Big Weekend

This weekend Chris and I took our first overnight trip with out our little love bug. Connor stayed with his other family & best friend Samantha and the Fallons. We had a lovely time but it was hard to totally let go. Ronda was great about sending us lots of updates. We got text messages, pix texts, blog updates and emails. We felt very connected.
We knew when he napped, ate, played and even melted down ;-)
For more about Connor's weekend adventures check out Day 1 & Day 2 of the Fallon's Blog.

Sitting on our balcony watching the surfers and drinking wine.

Our hotel leaves binoculars in the rooms so you can watch the whales migrate north. One afternoon we watched a mother and calf slowly make its way up the coast. I believe it's called a tail fluke when they lift their tales out and slam them on the water. We watched them do this several times. We spotted spray from the blowholes shooting out of the water. It was very exciting. Here is a picture of the tail fluke.

Lots of cows on our way wine tasting.

It was fun being out during nap time.
I felt like we were getting away with something.
We had leisurely lunches and slow romantic dinners.
We went swimming and for a long walk. What a wonderful time.

Bold little critter.

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