Sunday, June 28, 2009

Another great weekend.

Friday Connor had his 1st corn on the cob. He loved it and I loved that it was not messy. Not one piece of corn ended up on the floor. Yay cob!

Saturday evening we went to Shoreline Cafe for dinner.
Isn't he beautiful.

I had been craving a pina colada for about 4 months and
yes it was worth the wait.

I love Connor kisses.


Watermelon at the beach. Connor's fave.

Had to get a picture of of the paddle boarder with his dog. So cute.

Sunday Night
We picnicked at the Mission with the Paskins and the Delios.
There was a very intense game of tee ball. Dad was very proud.

Bella getting in on the action.

Who needs a wine key when you have Reese around ;-)

Jack of all trades. Doctor Phil / Motorcycle guy / tennis player / juggler.
What doesn't this guy do?

Phil and Marina's 1st attendance at the Sunday night picnic . . . we're hoping for many more.

Cutie Reese!! Glad you're back!

Calling Samantha. "Where you at girl? Holla Back"

Bella made a new friend.

Batter Up! The moment dad will never forget.

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