Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Zoo Day

Connor had such a great time at the zoo with Holly, Eli, Samantha & Ronda. The kids chased each other around, we rode the train which everyone including mommy enjoyed, went to story time (for like 3 minutes), played at the playground, ate lunch at the new cafe and danced on stage as well as saw lots of animals. What a relaxing time at the zoo.

Riding the train.
Whoo Whoo!!

Connor sliding down the hill.

Catch I got you!

Samantha having fun.

Let's all squeeze in, we can do it!

I love this.


Dancing on the stage. So cute.

After lunch Connor decided to soak him self in
the fountain and ended up in mommy's sweatshirt.
He kept saying "Connor Cute".

BTW Zuki and Big Mac hanging out.

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  1. Those are good shots - you should be a professional photographer.


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