Thursday, June 18, 2009

Connor's Week

Riding the train at the zoo.

Getting a little hug.

Showing your belly to the tortoises must be a boy thing?
Did they learn that from Matt or Chris? Hmmmm

Here is Eli feeding the giraffe.
Connor was a little unsure about feeding the giraffe
and threw his giraffe food on the ground.

Connor and Eli did great sharing the train, no pushing or shoving.
I was very impressed.

Connor's new favorite pass time is playing in the dirt.
He could sit for hours in the dirt with a truck.

Connor is getting so big and long.
He is 34 & 1/2 inches tall.
And he loves being measured up against the wall.

Here he is at the new easel.
Creating master piece after master piece.

So cute :-)

Connor really enjoyed helping mommy make panko crusted sole for dinner.
He is getting so good at following directions.
I should clarify that with "when he feels like it".


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  1. That is SO cute, the video should be on the Food Network.


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