Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ciao from Roma part 2

Ahh Roma we miss you already. We were just getting accustomed to going to Café Latte for breakfast, seeing all the fashionably dressed people, at least every other person in Rome accessories with some type of beautiful scarf. We will miss exploring the narrow cobble stoned streets with all of the gorgeous architecture while trying out the different cappuccino and gelato shops along the way. We enjoyed taking a cheesy double-decker bus tour and seeing all the sights at a relaxing pace.

The double-decker bus tour was an easy way to see the sights with a 3 year old. We all enjoyed riding in the open air on top of the bus, great way to see the city.

Breakfast at the hotel's roof top restaurant.

Connor and I did a little sightseeing on our own while daddy was busy with work.

Connor tossed about 20 coins into the Trevi fountain to make sure we all make it back to Rome. And BTW this picture looks like Connor was the only one there but this place was pure chaos and we got out of there fast. It was an interesting contrast to the Spanish Steps which were crowded as well but there everyone seemed relaxed and happy and it didn't feel chaotic at all.

Spanish Steps

Here we are at the fountain at the bottom of the Spanish Steps where I cleaned up the mess pictured below.

You would have thought no one had ever seen a toddler with gelato on his face before because a million people were taking pictures of Connor. A group of Asian tourists actually surrounded us and one old man picked him up for a photo. They couldn’t get enough of him!! Connor was a little freaked out but he went along with it. They were old and sweet and harmless. But it doesn’t surprise me this little cutie steals the show even from the famous Spanish Steps.

Our hotel room was on the 5th floor and the window opened to the street. It was a great spot to sit and have some tea while Connor napped. And man has this kid been napping!!! We’ve all been taking naps but Connor has been taking super long naps and we’ve all been staying up very late. A few nights ago we went out for a second dinner at midnight. We ate at a great restaurant right on the Via Veneto, where we devoured the best lasagna and went into a wonderful food coma. After a short walk back to the hotel we slept like babies until 9am the next day. This was a wonderful change from waking up at 4am the day before.

Daddy carrying Connor home from midnight dinner.

Chris and I enjoyed ourselves at the UNIDA party at San Marcos wine bar while Connor watched movies with Gulianna at the hotel.

Our last breakfast at Café Latte in Rome.

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