Sunday, October 10, 2010

October Beach Day

Well it's October and we had perfect beach weather today. So we headed down to Mesa Lane for an afternoon/evening of beach fun. We dug holes, collected rocks to throw in the water, explored tide pools, splashed each other in the waves and caught a pretty amazing sunset. We got so many great pictures :-)

Exploring the tide pools reminded me of my childhood. Growing up in Narragansett I spent my summers on the beach and I loved exploring the tide pools. Today was a negative tide so there were LOTS of tide pools to explore. This is the 1st year that Connor really enjoyed looking for treasures and understood what we were looking at and for. He is getting to be so darn smart!!!


When the sun was setting Connor said "Good bye sun, see you tomorrow". He's so cute.

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  1. La, these photos are amazing! What a glorious day! xoh


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