Thursday, October 28, 2010

Lago di Trasimeno, Italy

After we left Rome we headed to Lago di Trasimeno. The drive to the hotel was crazy and confusing. The hotel is way out in the middle of nowhere, it was dark and my iphone battery and back up battery both died. We got quite lost. So we stopped at the only place we could find that was open and asked for directions. Chris’ charm and good looks saved us because the girls he asked for directions actually followed us. They saw we were still lost and told us to follow them. And they lead us down the dark and dirt country roads to the hotel. It was such a nice thing to do and I can say I would never have done that. Thank you kind Italians!

We spent most of our time in lago di Trasimeno at the hotel. Chris was struck with the flu and in bed much of that stay as well as Florence but he recovered before we left Florence.

We stayed at Il Cantico della Natura at lake Trasimeno. The property itself was beautiful with tons of lavender plants, mini roses & olive trees. They make & sell their own olive oil & lavender honey. And the views of the italian country side and the lake were breathtaking!!! This is a farm so there are chickens, goats and bunnies that are penned while there are 2 friendly dogs and a chatty rooster that roam the property. Connor had fun feeding the goats lavender and chasing the rooster. There are a couple of play areas on the property with swings, sandbox, slide etc. as well as a few walking trails. Connor and I explored every inch of Il Cantico della Natura while Chris fought the flu.

The little red spot is Connor at the door to our family suite which looked over the pool and vistas.

A fun boat in one of the play areas.

We found a swing for Connor in almost every city or town we visited.

Sadly it was far to cold for the pool and the cover never came off.

This is the view from our room.

Connor following the rooster which is how we found the chicken and goats.

The food was farm fresh!

Here's our tiny car which didn't even have a carseat for Connor . . . he loved that . . . I hated that... but that was that.

Our spoiled child now only drinks hot milk or hot chocolate milk. Everywhere we were in Europe they severed Connor's milk hot.

Chris cutting his own prosciutto at breakfast. I guess that's how you do it on the farm.

Fresh hot out of the oven chocolate croissants.

The view from one of the walking trails behind the hotel which by the way is a restored stone farmhouse. It was so charming and romantic.
My gorgeous husband and son.

Feeding the goats.
Now on the way to Florence.... and the next adventure.

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  1. Beautiful pictures! I'm sorry Chris was sick.
    I'm excited you stayed in an agriturismo! I have been Googling "agriturismo Tuscany" for our trip next summer all week! I love the idea of staying on a farm. And I must get a hold of a chocolate croissant immediately.


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