Friday, November 5, 2010


Connor slept a good portion of the ride from Paris to Amsterdam. We took the speed train again which we all really enjoy. It was so nice to not have to: check in, go through security, take off shoes, unpack stuff, show up extra early etc etc. We really enjoyed the simplicity of traveling by train. You buy your tickets online show up and get on the train, there are no seat belt signs and there is a food and beverage car always open, big windows and we particularly enjoyed the seats that face each other.

Amsterdam is a beautiful city with lots of trees, canals, museums, and that charming dutch architecture and a gazillion bikes.

After we dropped our bags off at the NHR cooperate apartment we immediately went out to explore. We turned a few corners and ran right into a carnival. Connor was mesmerized by the ferris wheel so we jumped right on. About 20 seconds after climbing aboard Chris and I remembered why it has been about 20 years since one of us had ridden one. That 1st trip around we were both a little queasy and doing our best to hide our fear from Connor, but then by the 2nd go around we were starting to relax and take in the view.

We had a great dinner with some of the NHR folks from the Amsterdam office. A very warm, fun, and interesting group. From left to right: Glenn, a Minnesota native and Vikings fan, NHR Board member who manages NHR's Amsterdam and Singapore offices. Alyssa, his fiance who was born on the east coast and raised in Amsterdam and London. Lucie, her parents are from Spain and she grew up in France. Her husband, Doron grew up in Cali, but his mom is Swiss and now is settling down in the Netherlands with Swiss passport. Go figure! We hope that we will get to visit with them soon or they will come out to SB.

Below is the view of the canal from the coorperate apartment, at night the bridge is lit up with a string of white lights.

We did go to Amsterdam so Chris could work and he did. While Chris worked Connor and I explored the city.

We took a boat tour.

Here is a cool drawbridge.

We found yummy crapes :-)

And another park.

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