Tuesday, November 16, 2010

On the go

Here are a few ways we passed the time while traveling.

Played games.

We made up a game we called euros. We'd use our euros to make a picture and the other person had to get what it was. This was a great way to pass time while waiting for our food or the check at a restaurant. Connor loved this game and it was great to watch him get creative. We also played it for a long time the night Chris was sick while we were at the lake and so we all hung out drank a lot of sleepy time tea (yes, I brought that and Connor developed a little addiction).

Slept on trains.

Slept in airports.

Cute boy but bad airport lighting.

Played PS3

The Chris showed Connor how to play the racing game at the free playstation console in the airport. Notice the colorful kids area in the background that I thought Connor would like but he was way more into the video games with dad. You can imagine the fight it was to get him (Connor not Chris) to leave the playstation to go to the gate.

Made friends...
Connor made friends with a little french boy named Cosomo. Cosomo did not speak English and Connor does not speak french yet they happily played & laughed together.

Connor was such a great traveler. He really showed us what a great kid we have.

Where to next?

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