Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ole Ole Ole Ole!! Go Gauchos!

Connor and I (DAD) visited my old stomping grounds (Isla Vista) and watched the UCSB men's basketball team take on Fresno state Saturday night. To kill a little time before we met up with the Deakyne's (Tim, Jenny, TJ, Maggie) we stopped into the iconic IV surf shop. I found a cool visor that I wanted to buy. As I was checking out, I mentioned to the 19 year old sales girl "that there are not many visors anymore, they must be going out of style." She politely, countered by saying "naw...her dad wears them all the time." Ouch!

After that we ate dinner at my old favorite burrito place in Isla Vista, Freebirds. MMMM!! I need to eat there more...Connor shared a quessadilla with his friend, TJ in which he called it a piece of pizza.

Connor spent a lot of time with TJ on the bleachers playing with a firetruck and bus while Tim and I talk Gauchos. He also loved the band. The basketball game didn't seem to be interesting to him unless someone was hurt.

By the way, the Gauchos crushed Fresno State!

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