Sunday, June 30, 2013

A few favorite pix from Italy

We were so happy to see some of the sunflower fields were in bloom. We saw fields and fields of closed up flowers and I was so disappointed that we were not going to see them in bloom . . .  
BUT - - - we found some fields that were starting to open! Yipeeee. 

This one of the beautiful sunsets we watched from our Villa "Palazzo di Corneto". The tower you see in the distance is in the town of Pomarance.

We visited 3 different beaches this week. This one is Biodola on the island of Elba. It was lovely, quite crowded but really quite stunning.

This was by far our best trip ever with our children. They were very calm and loving.  

 This is the Roman Theater in Volterra. A great town to visit. You get the old Italian city feel with the history, culture, look and all but in a smaller less crowded version. 

 The driveway up to the villa was lined with the traditional cypress trees as you see all over Tuscany.

 The kids enjoying some watermelon and pool time.
The Villa was broken up into 4 apartments but only one other was being used and it was an older couple who was not around very often. So for the whole week we pretty much had the place to ourselves. AWESOME!

Dad BBQ'd salmon and asparagus for one of our several dinners at home. I think having lots of space and being able to have dinner at home and put the kids down on time was a huge plus for our family at this stage. Connor and Jess shared a room and went to bed at 7:00 and they did great! Then Chris and I would stay up and enjoy the evening either by the pool or at the dining table in the garden.

Jessy girl loved the water!

The perfect little spot on the steps going into the pool for playing in the shade. 

We took a day trip to Siena and played tourist. Walked the city, took pictures, ate panini, gelato and sipped vino in the sunshine.

We love driving in Tuscany, such beautiful scenery.  And Chris is a master navigator . . .  once he has been somewhere once he is like a salmon going back to it's spawning ground, he just knows the way.

 The day time view from our villa.

 A lovely rainbow out of our kitchen window. Could you imagine this being your view out of the kitchen window everyday!?!?!? Dreamy! 

Alfresco dinners. 

Another beach we visited on Elba was Cavoli. I will say this is my favorite beach ever and someday we will return and spend a week on this beach. It was a calm protected cove with beautiful crystal clear light blue water great for snorkeling (we didn't do that but will next time) and super warm water. This is where Jessy swam naked and happy with the fishes.

 I love this picture of the little naked buns sticking out of the sea :)

2 happy kids at Cavoli.

We did a quick stop in Pisa to view the leaning tower and have lunch in the square. 

I love this picture because Connor was happy and feeling better. He was actually sick most of the week. We finally took him to a doctor on Thursday and got him some antibiotics. Wow those things work fast. One dose and a long nap and he was a new boy. Thank you pretty Italian doctor lady who took us in with no appointment, never asked for insurance or payment and made our little miserable sick boy happy and healthy again. 

Stay tuned for more picture over load . . .  

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