Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day

For Father's Day I gave Chris the day off from our darling children. I know lots of families spend it together as a family but we are ALWAYS together: every trip, every weekend, every day. So Dad got a little break from the kiddos. 
I took the kids out for the morning while dad slept in and then our babysitter Ashley came for the afternoon.
Dad and I spent the day riding bikes, enjoying the weather and some really good food and wine.

Our 1st stop was Bellevue Hotel for a quiet lunch on the sunny patio.
(Notice he is still wearing a sweater, it's June!)

The ribs were AWESOME and worthy of a Bobby Flay throw down! 

 After lunch we rode bikes to the harbor in Huizen it's just over 3 miles. Perfect distance to burn off a little of our ribs . . .  maybe ;)

We rode a very bumpy path down to some benches at the end of a peninsula. 

The view from our bench.

After a little while we meandered over to a charming wine bar for some Rosé and dessert.


Not a minute went by when we didn't think of these 2 silly monkeys.

No wonder they make all the kids learn to swim here . . . 
it can be pretty precarious with no rail by the water.
After dessert we rode some more. This time into Laren (about 4 miles from Huizen) for an art show. 

Man all that riding sure does make you hungry. So we popped into another wine bar for some nibbles. 
Delish. Then it was about time to head home where we fired up Dad's Father's day gift (an outdoor fireplace) and made s'mores. 

The End.

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