Saturday, June 8, 2013

NY Part 2

Part 2 NYC: 9/11 Memorial, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Greenwich Village etc.

We visited the 9/11 Memorial. It was a very moving experience and I think they did a great job on it. The flowing water of the memorial seemed very appropriate.  

Washington Square Park:
This is the sign posted at the fountain pictured below . . . 

Clearly no one cares what the sign says! Ha! New York.

Connor and Jess had their portrait done . . . it looked NOTHING like them. oh well.

On the plane.
We were in the bulkhead row and Jessica was a lap child (yes we are insane!!!!) Connor was a pal and gave up his seat for a bit so Jessy could have her own space. 

And this is what she did with her own space and her neighbors space . . . fortunately he was a father of 3 and extremely tolerant of our 2 crazy monkeys. 

And this is how Jessica spent dinner the 1st night. Sleeping under the table in the stroller, just the way we like her. Teee heeee (We love you Jess).

My smiley girl at Rockefeller Center. Cute as a button! 

I love this pic of Chris and Jess at the The Metropolitan Museum of Art.  It looks like he is putting on her glass slipper at the ball. It's such a sweet sweet shot.

A bit later she decided to lay on the floor and scoot backwards for awhile, which she thought was pretty funny. Our visit to the Museum was very short due to poor behavior. In fact the last 3 museums we visited the kids were ill behaved. I think we are going to have to wait for Jess to get a bit older before we can really enjoy an art museum again. Connor on the other hand is a pro. 

Ahhhhh Pizza in the village.
My friend Marina AKA Yummy Mummy recommended Arturo's Pizza in Greenwich Village. It was AWESOME! I've also heard Jon Stewart sing it's praises. 

These 2 sillies love each other one minute and are fighting the next. I hope as she gets older there is more love and less fighting. 

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