Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I heart NY

Chris had a UNEDA conference to attend in New York City so the kids and I tagged along to check it out. Let me start by saying New York City blows my mind!!!! What an amazing city for so many reasons: food, people, culture, coolness factor of 1 million, food, energy, history, shopping, views, food, art and I'm sure I'm leaving out many things but we were only there for a few days. 

The UNEDA conference was held at the Marriot Marquis right in Time Square. We had an amazing view! Connor was completely blown away and loved the view so much that he fell asleep laying on the floor the 1st night just starring out the window.

I took lots and lots of pictures. I warn you they are over edited. I just downloaded the camera plus app and it's been a lot of fun. You've been warned.

The following group of photos were taken from a sunset cruise around Manhattan.  
This was a "work" event for Chris but with out the kids I call it a date night :)
84 degree weather, a light breeze and clear skies. It was perfect! 

Amazing! I've seen some great views but there is something very special about New York City at night. 
I love that they made the Freedom Tower the tallest and brightest building in the city! Alright NYC!

Here is the skyline at the start of the tour. 

 YAY for date night in NYC.

Hello Lady liberty. 

New York is everything everyone says it is: energizing, fast paced, scenic, EXPENSIVE, full of tourists, full of artists, great restaurants, never sleeps, shopping, Broadway and just dam exciting! 
I will say it loud and proud I love being a tourist. I love seeing new places, I love trying new foods and restaurants, I love sharing that with Chris and the kids. So coming to New York and for the 1st time since I was a kid was everything I dreamed it would be.

This is the view from the observation deck at Rockefeller Center. You get a great view of the city and the Empire State building. 

Connor tickling Jess.  Sometimes these 2 actually do get along.

Ahhhh Central Park just beautiful.
There were beautiful water features, lots of rocks for Connor to climb, plenty of grass areas for the kids to play and run. 

And yes we did take a touristy horse drawn carriage ride through the park.
So much fun! The kids love horses and it was a nice way to see the park and get a bit of info and trivia about the park and area. Plus it was on my life list... check.

Another fun stop was Chelsea Market: awesome tacos, lobster, beer, brownies, smoothies, thai food, tea, spices, sushi. You name it and it was there and it was delicious. My favorite was a lobster roll and an ice cold Brooklyn beer. The perfect lunch for a hot day.


This is my "I'm SUPER HAPPY to be in NYC" face and I wore that face all weekend!
Not far from Chelsea Market is High Line Park. Train tracks that were turned into a park raised above the streets on the West side of Manhattan . . . pretty neat. 

 We had shaved ice and Popsicles from the People's Pop. The kids loved their pops but the "Mint Lemonade" shaved ice was so unique. A great flavor comb . . . maybe add some vodka and make it a cocktail. yummmmm

Jessica is SUCH a ham. Chris told her to smile and she started posing.  No we did not teach her to pose that way. Everyone walking by was laughing. She is hilarious! 
Jessy girl you are a character.


Next up 9/11 Memorial, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Greenwich Village etc.


  1. so glad y'all had fun! looks like a fabulous trip! you were just still about 3000 miles too far away. xoh

    1. Hols you are so sweet! I agree we were still too far away! I can't wait to get home and spend lots of time with you. Let's catch up on Viber soon. xox


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